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Have you just bought a boat and want it moving to your home marina? Perhaps your dream boat is miles away from your home or maybe you're not particularly confident in tackling locks or tunnels .... we can help

Want to try a longer one way trip? We will return your boat to its home. Instead of sailing up and down the same bits of canal, why not plan a longer trip. We will meet you there, give you a lift to your starting point then bring your boat safely home for you .... we can help

Or maybe you want to move your boat to another marina, but don't have the time? You worked hard to buy your boat and would rather spend your holiday time cruising where you would like to cruise, not moving your boat from one place to another .... we can help

Even if you're stranded because of an accident or illness, we can help .... we will take you back to your car and bring your boat  safely back home

Will move your boat by the inland waterway system, from one location to another, efficiently, economically and safely.

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